Greek NGO against racism codemns attack in Tanzania Community in Athens

The against racism Greek NGO ASANTE, codemns the attack by Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) against the Tanzanian Community in the Kipseli district of Athens on the evening of Tuesday 25 September.
The attack, is, also, codemned by:
Greek Forum of Refugees
Greek Migrant Forum
Afghan Community in Greece
Hellenic League for Human Rights
Union of Egyptian Workers in Greece
Syrian Educational Society
Kenyan Community in Greece
Guinean Citizens Community in Greece
Cultural House of Albanian Immigrants in Greece
Kasapi Hellas – Philippino Migrant Workers in Greece
Bangladesh DOEL Cultural Centre (Member of the Athens Municipality Integration Council
According to ASANTE’s press release, on the evening of Tuesday 25 September the community of Tanzania, which has its offices in Lemesou street in the Kipseli district for over three years, and is active as a community from 1999, was violently attacked by a group of 80 members of Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) during a meeting among its members.
NGO says that there had been threats by residents and shopowners the night before, many of which were among those who attacked the centre.
From its official foundation in 2002, the community organization of Tanzania has organized creative activities, e.g. a lending library, creative games and artistic and cultural activities for youngsters, so as to strengthen its ties with the local community.
“We condemn this criminal act and demand of the authorities that they take every necessary measure to locate the guilty parties, so as to hold them accountable to justice. As active citizens of this country we feel that such hideous acts in no way represent the majority of Greeks and that society as a whole ought to condemn them so that our country does not slip into a state of lawlessness and barbarity.”, said ASANTE.